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And The Smartest Dogs Are?

While we would all like to think we have the smartest dog in the world there are some breeds that are generally more intelligent than others.
In this blog we will look at the dogs ranking from 6th most intelligent to tenth.
And then in the next newsletter we will look at the most intelligent dogs in the world.
Don't be too concerned if your dog doesn't appear in either of these lists, as sometimes it is not always an advantage to have an intelligent dog.
As expected, the more intelligent dogs generally need more stimulation or they will get bored and this can cause problems, particularly if they are left at home during the day when you're at work.

So lets start with the tenth most intelligent dog...

Tenth on the list is the Australian Cattle Dog
The Australian Cattle Dog was originally bred for herding cattle, just as their name suggests.
Obviously to be tenth on the list they are very intelligent, but they need to be stimulated, as one would expect from an intelligent dog.
They are happy when they are working, as they need regular exercise and mental stimulation.

Ninth on the list is the Rottweiler.
Contrary to popular belief, the Rottweiler is actually a great family dog, and is not quite as fearsome as many people believe.
There are a highly intelligent dogs and respond well to training.

The eighth dog on the list of intelligence is the Papillon.
Like the Australian cattle dog the Papillon is very protective of its owner and makes a lovable and intelligent pet.
And as with most intelligent dogs they are relatively easy to train.

Number seven on the list is the Labrador Retriever.
These are one of the most popular family dogs because of their good nature, which allows them to socialize well with other dogs and more importantly, children.
Like the previous dogs on the list, Labradors need exercise, and particularly in their case, without exercise they tend to gain excessive weight.

Number six on our list of intelligent dogs is the Shetland sheepdog.
Like the Australian Cattle Dog the Shetland sheepdog was bred for herding cattle and sheep. 
Obviously to do this well they need some intelligence and that is why they have ended at number six on our list.
They're not quite as good at socializing with other people or children but are excellent pets in their own family.

And at number five on that list is the Doberman.
It is important that the Doberman is trained early on in its life, as they can be quite temperamental.
If they are trained they can be great family dogs and really good with children despite their reputation.
They are highly intelligent, and like many intelligent dogs are very protective of their master and family.

Number four is the Golden Retriever, which is often regarded as one of the most popular breeds of dog.
They are great with children and are a very loyal and loving dog.
It is not uncommon to see Golden Retrievers winning dog competitions where intelligence is of importance.

Number three on our list is a dog that is often associated with police work.
Yes, it's the German Shepherd, and it is chosen for its police work due to its intelligence.
They make great family dogs and love children.
They need to be kept busy with work or some form of stimulation otherwise they can become depressed and unhappy.
They need to know who their master is from a young age to ensure both they and the family get the most out of their relationship.

The second most intelligent dog might surprise a lot of people. Not only for the fact that they are highly intelligent, but also because they are one of the easiest dogs to train.
And that dog is the Poodle.
Yes the Poodle comes in at number two on our list of intelligent dogs.
They love people, and because of this they don't like to be left alone.
They are very protective and can become quite vicious if anybody encroaches upon their property or territory.

And the number one all-time most intelligent dog of all is the Border Collie
The Border Collie is another dog that is often seen winning competitions.
They're highly intelligent, but along with that intelligence comes the need for them to be stimulated regularly.
They're happiest when they're working or performing in competitions or dog trials.
So there you go, if you have a Border Collie, you know you have the most intelligent dog in the world, provided of course, that you have trained it well.

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