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Stop Your Cat From Spraying

When you spot your cat stand by a door or any other object at home, lifts its tail then urinates then you know that it is spraying on the door or object. Perhaps if you are a neophyte in the cat world, you do not know what spraying means.

When a cat is new to a place, it is bound to make that place its territory by spraying. It is not a cat's dilemma as not knowing its own litter box; rather, it sprays for marking a definite location. It is natural for them to spray and usually it is ordinarily done by cats outdoors. Yet, there are cat owners who complain about their cats spraying indoors. It could be troublesome for a home owner if a cat sprays inside the house. Do not worry too much as for every difficulty, there is a solution.

The reason why cats spray can either be one of the following: for marking a location, for calling a mate or for relieving stress.

A cat, just like other territorial type of animals, wants to mark its territory. In order to do this, it sprays a bit of urine on its territory. The smell of the cat's urine will alert other cats and animals to get off its property. It is natural for cats to spray on things, so extend a little understanding towards your cat.

Pheromones are a substance that animals utilize to communicate. This substance is released with the urine sprayed by cats in heat. This hormone is similar to fingerprints because animals use this to identify the kind of creature that sprayed in the location. Often, this hormone is released when cats are in heat. The pheromones tell the other cats that it is searching for a mate. Other cats in heat are attracted towards the scent of the urine due to of the pheromones. This serves as an open invitation to get engaged in procreation. Later, you will get kittens in the house.

Getting rid of stress is another reason why cats spray. It could be stressful for a cat to find another of its kind in its territory. When it catches a glimpse of another animal, it also sprays. The spraying of urine allows the cat to release some of the built-up stress generated by seeing another creature in its territory.

The scent of cat's urine can be odious. The problem is sometimes the cat sprays inside the house. The urine can stain furniture and leave foul odour. When your cat sprays, do something at once like shooing it away.

The most effective way to eradicate this spraying behaviour is by neutering or spaying the cat. This applies to both male and female cats. The spraying activity will immediately stop after being neutered. Since a male cat will no longer mate after being neutered, it will get rid of its spraying. It is important to consider whether you do not want to breed your cat or otherwise because spaying or neutering is irreversible. Do not spay or neuter if you still wish to have kittens. Consider another option. It is best to ask for your vet's opinion regarding spraying if you do not want to sterilize your cat.

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