Dog Getting Reward

Training Your Dog

Rewarding your dog is probably the single most important aspect of good training.

It is a well-known fact that reward training is the fastest way to get a dog to change their behaviour and rewards in the form of positive reinforcement are the fastest way to get the desired results.

Reward training also makes the whole process more fun for the owner and the dog.
It becomes a bit of a game and helps to reduce any boredom and keep both the dog and the owner motivated.

It is also a good idea to finish each training session with a time for play so the dog associates the learning with fun times and is more excited about these sessions in the future.

Many people also like to have a little time before the training sessions for fun too, but that really depends on the personality of your dog as some can get overly excited and this can make the training sessions harder to control.

It is not often that you will find people promoting the use of 'reprimand' training these days as this is quite a dated technique and has been proven to be less effective than the newer positive action training techniques.

Dogs will quickly become discouraged by this type of training and they can also get confused when they are unsure what they have been doing wrong.

It is far better to focus on more positive actions that are used to replace those areas of the dog's behaviour that are causing problems.

There are certain circumstances where the dog is aware of doing something wrong and in these instances where they will know why they are being reprimanded it is certainly suitable to do so, but once they have been reprimanded it is time to move on quickly and get back to the positive aspects of training.
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