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Daily Probiotic Digestive Gut Health Supplement (120x150ml Tablets)

Daily Probiotic Digestive Gut Health Supplement (120x150ml Tablets)

Digestive System Supplement

A 5-strain, 2 billion cfu active bacteria supplement with digestive enzymes and prebiotics for complete digestive and health support for pets. The supplement comes in chicken-flavoured tablets for easy daily administration.

✓ 5-strain, 2 billion cfu active bacteria supplement for complete digestive and health support for pets.

✓ Comes in a chicken-flavoured tablet for easy daily administration.

✓ Contains a broad spectrum of healthy bacteria chosen for their ability to support gut health.

✓ Helps maintain a healthy balance of digestive flora for effective digestion and overall well-being.

✓ Includes prebiotic (inulin) and digestive enzymes for comprehensive digestive health support.

✓ Manufactured in the UK to the GMP code of practice for consistent, high-quality products.

    Suggested Serving: The tablets can be given directly or crushed into food or a treat as part of a meal.

    Store in a refrigerator or cool place after opening for longer shelf life.

    Serving sizes based on weight:

    • Cats and dogs up to 10kg: 1 tablet per day
    • 11-25kg: 2 tablets per day
    • 25kg-40kg: 3 tablets per day
    • Over 40kg: 4 tablets per day


    • 1 tablet typically provides:
      • Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) 250mg
      • Digestive Enzyme Blend 150mg (including Amylase, Protease, Lipase, Cellulase, Lactase, Bromelain)
      • Active Live Culture Blend 2 Billion CFU (including Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Plantarum, Lactobacillus Brevis, Bifidobacterium Animalis Lactis, Lactobacillus Rhamnosus)
    • Other ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Fructooligosaccharides (from Inulin), Di-Calcium Phosphate, Digestive Enzyme Blend, Active Live Culture Blend, Chicken Flavour, Magnesium Stearate.


    • Consult a vet before use if under medical supervision.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Do not exceed the recommended dose.
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      After we've received your order, we'll start preparing your recipe with your chosen, added health pack. Once prepared and dispatched, one of our trusted courier partners will get it to your front door within 24-48 hours. And remember, when you spend £25 or over, delivery is free of charge!

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    • Finest, Natural Ingredients

      We only use human grade ingredients, certified organic, to ensure your furry friend gets the best of everything. You wouldn't want anything less for them, would you?

    • Added Health Packs

      All of our products are infused with life invigorating health packs to combat a range of common pet issues, to help your little ones live a longer, healthier life

    • Right To Your Door

      Order using one of our subscription plans & if you try it and they don't like it, we'll pick it up free of charge and let you exchange it for another!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 26 reviews
    Worth it

    Well, one of my pups loves them and the other is barely so-so about them. This probiotic works well for their tummies. I think one a day is not enough and my oldest has one at morning and one at night. My youngest only has a half a day. Both are thriving at that dose. For what it's worth, I like this probiotic and am not looking for another.

    Lauryn Simon

    Pricey product but worth purchasing if you afford it.

    Tanisha Mason
    Good buy

    I have really strong positive feelings for this product. It literally saved my dogs life. About a year and a half ago my dog had a very serious loss of weight, accompanied by loose stool, blood in stool, and terrible smelling flatulence. Thanks to this supplement it has really solved my problem and saved my dog's life. A good buy overall.

    My dogs like it

    Really have seemed to help my 7 year old Doberman with digestive issues. Not sure how I can judge flavor, I'm not for tasting it. ,,, But my dogs seem to like it.

    Highly recommend it

    Within a week of starting these, there was noticeable decrease in vomiting. Three weeks later, he rarely vomits at all and I just ordered another pack. With regards to the taste, my old man cat is a very picky eater and he really likes these. I highly recommend owners of cats with digestive issues give these a try.


    Why 'The Healthy Pet Company'?

    You have to be a pet parent to work at The Healthy Pet Company, because we need everyone to understand just how important our little friends are to us - what they mean to us. They truly are part of the family. When we started out, we went looking for a better quality dog food. We wanted to know what was in it. Why should our pet, a loved member of our family, have to get by on the scrapings of left over meat, fillers and preservatives, pressed into an unpalatable, tasteless mess Food you wouldn't feed to a dog! We didn't like what we found, so we started The Healthy Pet Company. Using the finest, human grade ingredients, we developed delicious recipes with mouth watering combinations such as:
     ‣ Scottish Salmon with Dill, Spinach, Fennel, Asparagus & Tomato
     ‣ Lamb with Sweet Potato & Mint
     ‣ Angus Beef with Carrot, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Tomato & Courgette
    But just tasting delicious wasn't enough. We wanted to make sure the smallest member of our family was being keep fit and healthy on a daily basis.They can't easily let you know how they feel, so rather than leave it to chance, we added natural extracts, vitamins and minerals that would help keep them fit and well - day in, day out.
     Functional Food - "foods that have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition" Soon we added Functional Treats so we could offer treats and treatment in the same little morsel.
    A tasty reward combined with a range of targeted treatments.
    Finally, we added supplements in case our pal needs just a little bit of help to feel on top of the world again.
    The Healthy Pet Company - the name says it all.

    What Is Functional Food?

    Functional foods are "foods that have a positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition" Here at The Healthy Pet Company, we aim to provide pet parents with every tool required to keep their little ones in fine fettle.
    Our super delicious dog and cat food recipes use only the finest, human grade ingredients, each with its own, unique set of benefits designed to keep your pet in tip-top condition.
    They are all geared towards giving your pets the optimal balance of healthy mind and body with targeted natural ingredients and vitamins:
     ☛ Immune System
     ☛ Digestive System
     ☛ Skin & Coat
     ☛ Joint Care
     ☛ Itching & Scratching
     ☛ Heart & Vision
     ☛ Hair Ball Reduction
     And many more.

    What Are Functional Treats?

    Here at The Healthy Pet Company, we believe that being a loving and responsible pet parent means giving our little ones not only what they crave, but also what they need. The best of both world's - why not?

    They crave their treats but need their treatments.

    With our range of Functional Treats you can dispense what they need in a treat that they love. Brilliant!

    ☛ Calming

    ☛ Dental

    ☛ Skin & Coat

    ☛ Immune System

    ☛ Digestive System

    Does My Pet Need Supplements Or Vitamins?

    We have created a unique range of food and treats designed to keep your little furry friends in peak condition, adding functional, natural extracts, vitamins and minerals to delicious human grade food recipes to keep them fit and healthy.

    But sometimes, even with the best care in the world, we need a liitle bit of extra help.

    That's when our range of supplements can give your little pal the boost they need.

    Our products are made in the UK to GMP & ISO 9001standards to demonstrate our commitment to quality excellence.

    ☛ Joint Support

    ☛ Urinary Support

    ☛ Probiotics

    ☛ Anxiety

    ☛ Multi-Vitamins

    And more.

    Why Are Your Products Better For My Pet?

    First things first. All of our products have been designed with a single goal in mind - to keep your little ones fit, healthy and happy.
     We only use the finest, human grade ingredients in our food.
    Then we design gourmet meals, created to appeal specifically to the palettes of cats and dogs.
    Then we add health packs to each recipe to keep your best friend fit, healthy and happy so you can enjoy each other's company for as long as possible.
     Our Functional Treats have been created just for your dog or cat.
    A tasty reward that helps with particular problems.
     Finally, our supplements have been engineered to deliver a boost where it's needed. Packed with active ingredients to get your loved one back on track.

    How Do I Choose What's Best For My Pet?

    To make things a bit easier, you can choose by lifestage, menu range or even by food function - such as recipes to support your puppy's cognitive development, a boost for your adult dog's immune system or help for your senior dog's joints & many more.
    The kibble comes in different sizes, perfectly suited to different sized mouths. - small breeds, large breeds, puppies & kittens, adults and seniors. 

    What If My Pet Doesn't Take To It?

    On your first order, if your pet says you made the wrong choice, choose someting else - even if it's been opened and we'll arrange to pick up the item from your home and deliver a replacement.
    If you ordered using one of our subscription plans, you always have the option of telling us you want to try a different one. We'll pick it up - even if it's been opened and deliver your new choice.*
    * A fair use policy applies.

    What About Delivery?

    All orders are processed within 24 hours and delivered within 1-3 days.
    If your order totals £25 or above, then delivery is free of charge.
    Below £25 and there is a £4.99 delivery charge.
    Deliveries are made by one of our courier partners right to your front door.